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Why You Still Need The Professionals

It`s very tempting to think that as a band you can do it all yourself nowadays, and certainly there are…

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Audiocoin – What`s the story?

The Audiocoin was perceived in late 2013 as hybrid, Proof of Stake coin. Launched alongside Aurovine, the Audiocoin was the…

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Crypto Exchanges

A crucial part of your blockchain music strategy, whether as an artist or fan, is to get yourself on one…

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchain music, NFTs, smart contracts, Bitcoin it`s all new and fresh right?! Even if you don`t know much about the…

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Peter Steer & Geoff Pinckney formed the electronic band tenek from Essex/Nottingham (UK), in June of 2007. Since then, they…

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Tin Gun

Tin Gun join the blockchain music revolution Tin Gun is an enigmatic and mysterious electronic collective formed in 2019 inTintagel,…

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Smiz The Moneykid

Hip Hop artist Smiz The Moneykid releases his new track “Streaming on the Blockchain” exclusively with Aurovine Hailing from North…