Aurovine Collective


So what is the Aurovine Collective? It`s a group comprising of businesses from the music, arts & media sector, all hungry to support our vision and our ethos of giving our artists a fairer deal. Our partners comprise of production studios, film makers, editors, merchandise companies, PR companies and more.

So what`s in it for the partners? Businesses in the Aurovine Collective will have their company and services exposed to all our artists, meaning a huge potential of new music clients and work. In addition to that, all our partners will have the option to introduce crypto payments to their e-commerce payment, allowing partners to not only receive payments in FIAT, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum and our own crypto token. And as a special bonus, all our partners will receive a coin drop when they sign up.

For any business looking to get into blockchain, crypto, NFTs and the metaverse, simply send an email to us at

Don`t get left behind. Join the Aurovine Collective!

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