2022 & Beyond

As we go into 2022, Aurovine will be going through a major revamp, which unfortunately will mean the old website will be taken down until the new one emerges in the Spring. Behind the scenes though it is business as usual. We shall be focusing attention on expanding our NFT strategy and services with www.MusicArt.io and right now some of our artists are already making way more money than on Spotify and other streaming channels.

Aside from our partnership with MusicArt, Aurovine is partnering with Celestion speakers in developing their NFT strategy. Celestion, best know for making the greatest guitar amp speakers in the world, see the huge potential in the NFT landscape and are keen to develop content and products for their fans. Celestion NFTs can be found here at MusicArt.

On the Aurovine Live front, we shall we working with our partners at the Hammersmith Club in North London, to bring you some of the best acts on the Aurovine books to the stage. Giving artists the opportunity the spread their wings on the stage is fundamental to any band developing and refining their talents and music.

For 2022 we have also brought on board our new tech partners Qi. Not only are they experts in the crypto, ecommerce and blockchain sector, they`re all creatives and designers and passionate about music and the arts. We are very excited about working with Qi in developing our new blockchain music site, which we shall reveal to the world in Spring 2022.

In the meantime for all enquiries regarding singing up to the new platform, music PR, NFTs, gigs and becoming a partner, please don`t hesitate to email us at hello@aurovine.com or sign up at www.aurovine.com

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