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Working in an exclusive partnership with MusicArt, we are now offering our artists the opportunity to mint
exclusive NFT music artwork. The NFT artwork will be minted and auctioned from our NFT store and
will give Aurovine artists the chance to release exclusive artwork content to their fans in order to
help raise funds and to also give their fans and NFT speculators the chance to own limited edition
merchandise. Remember NFTs should not be confused with traditional music releases on
Aurovine and other music channels. They are a separate product.

Minting NFTs with Aurovine will mean your NFTs sitting in an official store “The Aurovine Room” with some of the biggest names in the music industry. All NFTs on the store will be official and licensed by right holders. No unofficial and illegal content will reside on our NFT store.

Why Release NFTs with Aurovine?

  1. Free minting
  2. Official licensed store with some of the biggest names in music
  3. High visibility with NFTs sitting in the “Aurovine Room”
  4. Payouts of 85% on net sale prices
  5. Audiocoin drop for all our artists
  6. Free promotion through our SM channels to our thousands of subscribers
  7. The only blockchain music company on the MusicArt site
  8. Dedicated support
  9. Utilises the BSV blockchain, green, efficient and verified carbon neutral.
  10. Join Aurovine and make NFTs part of your music strategy

For more info contact

What is an NFT? : A Non Fungible Token is a digital asset that resides on the blockchain. In
simple terms this is a piece of digital merchandise that is limited in the numbers created, and is
then sold to the fans and collectors. We are actively looking for artists to submit their artwork
to us, and to be chosen to feature in our Aurovine NFT shop.
What artwork should I submit and how is it created? : We are looking for artwork that is
music related. An album, EP or single cover, or memorabilia that has a musical association, be it
a tour poster, flyer, magazine cover. It can even be song lyrics.

So long as it is music related we shall consider it. You will
be given instructions by the member of the team as to where to submit your artwork. We shall
then upon agreement, and signed by both parties in a contract, create your NFT and submit it to
our store. We are not launching our store with open access to the public, as quality control and
rights management are fundamental. That shall be the next phase.

Should the artwork be unique? : We feel that the best way to fulfil the potential of your NFTs
is to offer artwork not available on other sites and platforms. This will create greater demand
and value in your artwork. Remember that you must own the rights to your artwork.
What file formats are required? : Static images (jpegs), animations (Gifs) and short movie files
(mp4) are required. Exact specifications will be detailed upon submission. Please remember
that the artists will need to create the artwork NFT. Aurovine does not create the content.

How many NFTs should be created? : Initially for most artists we’d recommend 10 – 25 copies
of each NFT. The lower the number then the greater the potential demand.

What price should be set for each NFT? : Again there is no golden rule for this, but for new
and upcoming artists then we’d suggest £25 – £100 per NFT. But this is down to the creator and
artist to work out, but we’re happy to advise on this. Set up costs shall be highlighted to all
When the auction is over, where does the NFT sit? : When the auction has ended, the NFT
will sit on a dedicated blockchain and the owner of the NFT will receive confirmation and a link
for them to access their NFT. The blockchain where NFTs sit is one of the greenest blockchains
in the world and is part of a carbon offset programme.

How quickly does an artist get paid after the successful auction of an NFT? : The artist will
be paid immediately into their wallet on the site.

Are NFTs suitable for all artists? : NFTs will become an important part of the strategy for
many artists and musicians. There is no golden rule when it comes to NFTs but we recommend
that any artist wanting to create NFTs should have a strong and engaged fanbase, great music
and great artwork.

So how does an NFT create value and income? : Once the auction has ended, the artist
receives the money and the buyer receives notification and details of their winning bid. The
beauty of NFTs is that both the artist and buyer can potentially earn more money from a resale.
All resales incorporate a commission fee, so if the buyer sells the NFT, the artist will receive a %
of that resale price and so on. The sell on commission is set when minting the NFT. Commission
is automatically paid into the artist wallet on every resale. The commission rate will be set by the

So why might a fan want to bid for an NFT? : Some fans may simply want to invest in an NFT
because they love the music and the merchandise the band creates. They feel part of the artist’s
development and want to help them build your career as much as possible. Other music lovers
and fans may simply see the potential in the artist, their music and merchandise and will
speculate that an artist will grow in value in the coming months and years, and hence the value
of the NFT may well grow too.
What additional benefits are there for creating NFTs through Aurovine? : Every month we shall offer a number of Aurovine artists a free promo code and with that they will be able to mint their NFT for no cost. All Aurovine
artists will also benefit from a bonus drop of Audiocoins into their wallet and the additional exposure
and promotion of their NFTs and music.
To speak to us about creating NFTs for our online store then please email
To visit our NFT store then please visit :

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