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US based music charity Sweet Relief and Aurovine, have forged a new collaboration in order to try and help ease the burden and financial strain forced upon the Sweet Relief members affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Aurovine will be donating a substantial supply of Audiocoins to the foundation, and Sweet Relief will also benefit from a donated staking node as the currency upgrades its codebase, to make use of the Delegated chains (DPOS) provided by Blockpool.

Aurovine’s founder Ken Foster and MD Danun Todd saw the damage that was being caused to the Music Business through lack of touring opportunities combined with the limited access to health services globally and acutely so in the US. This combination of events has had a catastrophic effect on the lives of thousands of musicians.
Danun commented:
“We see a real and unique opportunity to help fellow musicians by using an innovative digital currency (ADC) to help fund Sweet Relief’s sterling efforts in tackling the effects of the pandemic.
Musicians can also join us at Aurovine.com to make use of our existing services for grass roots musicians”
Aurovine has recently upgraded it’s website at https://aurovine.com to add new features and services such as ADC rewards and affordable promotion for a growing user base.
The initiative comes after several transatlantic zoom calls with Sweet Relief’s Aric Steinberg and Mike Cykoski who were fascinated by the opportunities presented by digital currency.
Aric commented “We’re so grateful to Ken, Danun and the team at Aurovine for selecting Sweet Relief as their charity beneficiary. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the currency and for the expanded opportunity it will provide to participating artists. Aurovine is showing that they are truly interested in the health and well-being of artists, and we are happy to be their charity partner in the US.”
The Audiocoin (ADC) currency was (like Dogecoin) one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to exist and has varied in value with an all time high of around 5 cents per coin in 2018. The new codebase upgrade sees a reduced supply and fairer forging mechanism come into operation and the coin is set to see a renewal of interest with the new upgrade metrics in play.
ADC can be traded at TXbit and you can find out more about the currency here.

About Sweet Relief:
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is a nonprofit charity that maintains a financial fund from which professional musicians can draw when in need of medical care or financial needs. Initially intended as a one-time CD launch benefit for Victoria Williams, Sweet Relief has evolved into a charity organization that relies on donations from artists and the public as a general fund to all professional musicians in need. The fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry professionals who are struggling with their finances while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.

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