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Here at Aurovine we`re very happy to announce of a new partnership with Danish tech company WARM.

Formed back in 2012 in Denmark, WARM technology allows artists to track their radio airplay all around the world, helping artists plan their marketing strategies and also giving them an opportunity to claim royalties from airplay generated by thousands of radio stations around the planet.

WARM completely fits with the Aurovine ethos, in helping artists exploit their revenue earning potential, and giving them the opportunity to see where their music is being played by stations all around the globe. This in turn helps the artists form relationships with stations, DJs and also helps bands plan tours and social media campaigns.

“We are thrilled to partner up with Aurovine because we believe they are effectively closing the value gap between listeners and artists. On top of that, they are thinking ahead and implementing blockchain technology to secure a part of the financial structure in the future’s music industry.”

Uffe Dalskov, Head of Communications, WARM

WARM is offering an exclusive discount for all Aurovine artists, but remember you need to be signed up as an artist to Aurovine in order to benefit from this promotion.

Simply go to and when you sign up remember to add the code AUROVINE20.

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