Nkom Bivoue

Nkom Bivoué is a Cameroonian DJ/Producer based in Yaounde. After obtaining his master’s  degree in Financial Management and Accounting, at the Ecole Supérieure de Sciences Economiques et  Commerciales de Douala (ESSEC), he decided to focus on what made him happiest in the world, namely  music production. So he effectively starts learning computer assisted music (CAM) in July 2016, by an  inner call. Six months later he produced his first demos (beats). But it is only in January 2019 that he  will publish his very first professional single, Akelekui Tche which in Beti language (one of the main  languages of Cameroon) means “Until Morning”. He then released a second single, Interstellar Anthem  under the Austrian label Leisure Music Production in August. After the release of several remixes in  late 2019 and early 2020, he released his very first EP, From The Stars (06 tracks), on April 29, 2020.  Another compilation of 10 remixes, was released in August 2020 and he ends the year with a new EP,  “Processus”and a single “No Lele”, in collaboration with the Ghanaian artist Sizeless. 

 This young producer, has a singular and new style, which consists of mixing the rhythms and  grooves of African cultures with the sounds of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). But it is much more than Afro EDM, in fact it is Afro Euphoric Dance Music. He does not follow the trend, but listens to his heart  and soul to generate unique emotions, through beautiful melodies. These oscillate well between festive,  dancing moods and those inspiring or even meditative. As he likes to say, he is a “free thinker” and is  even more so when it comes to creating and editing music. He often adds to this by saying “I don’t  follow the trend but I do what I feel”. It is in this order of ideas, that he created a whole Branding 

Rather intriguing, where he represents a being, Extraterrestrial native of a distant planet called Sirún.  He considers his fans as Sirúnians. 

 Nkom Bivoué listens to almost everything, but remains very admiring of producers like Major  Lazer, Heavy K, Sarz, Deep Forest and PartyNextDoor. In terms of vocalists, he is very fond of Drake,  Jhene Aiko, Enya, Niniola and Oumou Sangare.

It`s fantastic news to welcome Nkom exclusively to the Aurovine platform and family.

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