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Established back in 2014, Aurovine was the first blockchain music site to come to market and the first to develop it`s own crypto coin, the Audiocoin. Created fundamentally to help musicians earn from a new crypto revenue channel, the Audiocoin plays an integral role to the functioning of the Aurovine site.

Disillusioned by seeing how artists were being financially cheated by the big streaming sites such as Spotify, the originators of Aurovine knew that through using blockchain technology and a bespoke digital token, they could offer artists a new and transparent way to earn from a sidechain revenue model, that would and will one day soon, become mainstream.

When signed up to the site, both fans and artists can earn coins through sharing music into social media channels, streaming, topping the Aurovine charts and becoming part of the Aurovine promotional programme. Aurovine also offers traditional purchase and downloading of music using FIAT and Audiocoins.

Although Aurovine offers an alternative music streaming platform to the traditional streaming sites, Aurovine is much more than that. Aurovine is run and driven by musicians, creatives, designers and blockchain specialists, people who have worked in the music and creative industries for over twenty years. Aurovine is forging partnerships and connections will all sectors of the music industry, from PR companies to live venues to video producution companies, in creating a network of companies that will support not only each other, but more importantly, will support the thousands of musicians who struggle to earn a fair share of income from their music and endeavour.

As we move through 2021, we are seeing more and more business sectors and creatives take on board the blockchain and crypto currencies. Why? Because it`s decentralised, meaning everyday people can help mould the future of currencies, and also benefit from a greater spread of wealth.

Blockchain tech is secure and much more transparent. Each transaction is checked over and over, searching for any glimmers of fraud. Blockchain tech will allow our artists to financially connect more directly with their fans, there will be greater fan funding operations, artists will be able to earn from resale of their music and content using smart contracts and NFTs.

Blockchain music is the here, the now and the future. Join Aurovine and become part of the movement determined to give the artists a voice and a fair chance to earn from their passion.

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