Smiz The Moneykid

Hip Hop artist Smiz The Moneykid releases his new track “Streaming on the Blockchain” exclusively with Aurovine

Hailing from North Carolina, Smiz has been an ardent believer of blockchain music and what it can do for the world. We asked Smiz what was the story behind the new track and also thoughts from Villa Dom.

“Streaming on The Blockchain” – NFT Thoughts & Inspiration

Smiz The Moneykid : “It all started from a 3-way conversation between my producer Bangout, Yoshi and myself talking about NFTs, the blockchain and the space I was in with being one of the few hip hop artists streaming on the blockchain. I asked Yoshi to send me some tracks and I started digging and vibing. Once I`d found what I was looking for, the lyrics and the idea for the song just came out of nowhere, or what I like to call “Fresh Outta Heaven”.

The plan was to make a whole song but then I thought about my brother and business partner Villa Dom, and I said to myself “there’s no way I can do a song called “Streaming on the Blockchain” without my brother/business partner Villa, so I sent him the track with my verse done, and in no time he smashed out his verse.

Once we had the whole song, I asked Ben from Onchain Music, if we could create an NFT around the song, and he said no problem. Once I had Ben onboard I thought of the idea of getting Aurovine involved, as they`ve shown me so much support.

I also messaged Ben and asked him to reach out to the Aurovine guys too, he did and now Aurovine are at the helm of the release. Aurovine is also helping with the promotion of the new track and will the first blockchain music site to exclusively feature the track, for a two week period, before being released on other blockchain music sites. The track won`t be released on the usual sites like Spotify and iTunes ; this is a blockchain release only.

It has been a pleasure working with OnChain and Aurovine and we`re all very excited about the 48hr NFT auction of “Streaming on the Blockchain”. Really looking forward to making more music in the near future and releasing with these two companies. Salute and welcome to the music revolution!”

Villa Dome : “As a Hip Hop multimedia artist, one of the goals for my music career has always been to contribute in a unique and powerful way, as well as to stay innovative as possible. I`d like to thank OnChain Music, Aurovine, and my brother and business partner, Smiz The Moneykid, for this collective venture. It feels great to be an artist creating history and not just on the sidelines being a spectator.”

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